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How to meet GEISHA in Tokyo
and to enjoy the traditional culture of Japan

How to meet GEISHA in Tokyo Speaking of geisha, even many Japanese may say, "My wish is to play "ozashiki asobi" (playing games with geisha) even once before I die." In fact, "geisha" is still considered as a special person mysteriously veiled in a traditional culture of Japan, and in most of the cases they do not accept first-time customers! However, if you come all the way to Japan, don't you think you should take this opportunity to meet real geisha and enjoy talking and drinking with them? So, we will secretly tell you how you can casually meet geisha and also enjoy the traditional cuisine of Japan!

First of all, what is GEISHA?

First of all, what is GEISHA? First of all, what is GEISHA?

Geisha are "professional hostesses" who entertain the audience at important business entertainment or banquets. They perform traditional arts such as singing and dancing, talk with guests and have drinks or liquor together, or enjoy games together, etc.; always considering what is the best thing they can do for the guests to have a good time. Although seemingly glamorous, the world of geisha is, in fact, a very strict one. It is not at all easy to become a geisha. You must attend a special master or attend a professional school from childhood to learn dancing, singing and playing "shamisen". After rigorous training you are required to pass the test. Only a handful of people are able to enter and remain in that world. However, it is precisely because of these hardships, a real beauty that attracts everyone can be manifested. Such "inner beauty" cannot be achieved by just wearing a beautiful kimono and makeup.

Where are geisha?

The district where the geisha live is called "hanamachi". Tokyo has five hanamachis in total. Among them, "Kagurazaka" has a quaint taste with many old buildings remaining. It is only a 15-minute taxi ride from major areas such as Shinjuku, Roppongi, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza, etc. Lined with famous restaurants, it is a famous spot in Tokyo for the cherry blossom viewing party in spring. In summer many festivals are held and it is one of the few spots that attract visitors and tourists from all over Japan. In the evening, you might even meet a geisha heading out to the city to work.


Where can I play with them?

"Kaga" is a Kappo cuisine restaurant that has been popular since ancient times in "Kagurazaka" - the district of history and tradition. "Kappo" cuisine is the masterpiece of the Japanese cuisine which uses the best seasonal ingredients from all over Japan. The epitome of Japanese meal has been incorporated in the menu. It is a very famous restaurant that has been visited by many celebrities of Japan. Cuisine cooked by highly trained chefs not only tastes good but also looks gorgeous. The whole experience will surely bring you the best memories!

Where can I play with them?

Group tours from domestic and overseas are available maximum occupancy of 200 people.

Please feel free to ask us about special meals such as vegetarian, halal, kosher, etc.

Where can I play with them?

Access information

Access information

A 15-minute taxi ride from any major areas

(From Japan)TEL:03-3260-1482

(From outside Japan) TEL:+81-3-3260-1482

Address 11 Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (〒162-0827)
Access information

[from Roppongi]

Take subway Nanboku line and get off at Iidabashi Station (5th Station)

[from Ginza]

Take subway Yurakucho line and get off at Iidabashi Station (6th Station)

[from Shinjuku]

Take UR Sobu line and get off at Iidabashi Station (6th station)

[from Akihabara]

Take UR Sobu line and get off at Iidabashi station (3rd station)

[from Iidabashi Station]

UR Sobu line Iidabashi Station West Exit, 4-minute walk
Subway Yurakucho line Iidabashi Station Exit B3, 4-minute walk
Subway Tozai line Kagurazaka Station Kagurazaka Exit, 5-minute walk
Subway Nanboku line Iidabashi Station Exit B3, 4-minute walk
Toei Oedo line Iidabashi Station Exit B3, 4-minute walk

How to book

To book the tour to enjoy a fun dinner together with real geisha, still veiled in a mystery and difficult for even Japanese people to meet, please contact the travel agency listed below. This will surely be a great trip!!


(From Japan)

(From outside Japan)